Today a young man’s story was brought to my attention. He was identified as a young man in need of our help. What struck me about him is that he fought for our country yet has no medical benefits. 

At less than 30 years of age he has served a tour in Iraq, spent four years in the National Guard, earned his Associate’s Degree and gone through a craniotomy, in addition to almost a year of radiation and chemotherapy!

Ryan is battling brain cancer, a form known as glioblastoma. It is the most rapid growing form of brain cancer. The team of doctors that had been working with him felt that his newest mass was in a part of his brain that they are unable to work in. Yet all hope is not lost, is it?  Ryan is young and strong. Clearly he is a warrior – having fought for our country and now fighting this terrible glioblastoma- is he not??

 HOPE IS NOT LOST. THERE IS A PLACE FOR HIM TO RECEIVE TREATMENT.  Duke University Hospital in North Carolina is the place. He can be a part of clinical trials and new treatments that have been proven successful. Now he just needs to get there.

We can help with that, can’t we? I KNOW that WE CAN. Click on the ribbon below to link to the site his family has set up. It tells more of his story than what I have paraphrased here. If you’re not comfortable or familiar with that site, as always, you can use the donate button on our main page. Either way, every bit helps Ryan get to Duke. And remember, time is of the essence. Glioblastoma is aggressive so we need to aggressively give him the means to kick it’s nasty butt!! Let’s get #RyantoDuke!

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As always, thank you for reading, thank you for your support and thank you (in advance) for sharing this blog!


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